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Types of matter


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Don’t be like someone
who blindly reaches
for a rose with thorns.

Be like the one who
is well aware that
the things he strives after
might hurt him in the end.

Be like the one who
listens to Al-Hakim,
The Wise, and His warnings.

"But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not." (2:216)

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"A woman’s body is not democracy.
You have no right to it, no entitlement.
No mandate to vote on it,
or otherwise treat a body
as a vehicle for debate
over conditions you cannot ever
biologically comprehend.
I look around me sometimes,
and grow afraid of myself.
I look around me sometimes,
and I hate what I see.
I look around me at the wolves,
salivating from their eyes,
paws itching from the
venom in their veins,
noses sniffing for ill opportunity.
I look around me sometimes,
and I see a battle for territory,
the severing of blood ties over
a thrill they are apt to call their own.
But a woman’s body is not yours.
Understand this: regardless of
chromosomal arrangement
we are all capable of cruelty,
of both thought and action.
But how can we say to have progressed
if the majority still behave like animals,
and then convince the rest that
we are, indeed, civilized?"
Nav K, Meditation on Wolves (via navk)

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Now available in
various colours.

Although we encourage
all colours, we cannot
guarantee product satisfaction,
with colours that are not white.

HUMANITY is currently
out of stock. We apologize
for any inconveniences.
We will notify you
if it should become
available again.

- Society

Nav K, society (ad verse)

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I’m super thrilled to see my poem ‘mama’s boy’ in the ARAF Collective zine! They’re amazing.

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"Regret is only a positive thing if it motivates you to make changes and improve."
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"Self-Development Tip #1:
Invest in your own library, make a “to-read” book list, and set time aside daily for reading.
Even if it is just half an hour a day, you will be surprised how much you will learn every year by establishing such a habit."
Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar (via islamicrays)
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"When you build your life around Islam, things will fall into their proper place or simply drop out of your life."
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"Not all your days will be the same. A day of sadness and another of happiness. A day of profit and another of loss. That’s the test of life."
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"When you feel alone and have no one to talk to, connect with Allah. That line is never busy and there’s always an answer that soothes the heart."
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